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Scheduler Tasks

This list shows all of the tasks that you have scheduled to run automatically. Select the NEW button to schedule and new task or select LOAD to load a pre-defined task schedule. You can also EDIT or DELETE existing tasks and LOAD a series of previously defined tasks.

Collect! Task Scheduler


This is the type of Task.

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This is a unique ID assigned to this task.

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This is the time Interval for performing this task.

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Day Of Week

This is the Day this task will run. The setting show here depends on the Interval selected for the task.

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This is the Date this task will run. The setting show here depends on the Interval selected for the task.

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This is the Time this task will run.

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Select the NEW button to open the Schedule Task form where you can enter the settings for a new task. After you have configured the task, it will show up in this list.

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Select the EDIT button to open the Schedule Task form for the highlighted task. You can view details for the task such as the last time it ran and whether or not it completed successfully. Also, you can edit the task settings as needed.

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Select the DELETE button to delete the highlighted task.

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Select the SAVE button to save the displayed list of Scheduled Tasks and all their settings to a file that may be loaded into the Scheduler. By default, Collect! stores Scheduler Tasks files in the Collect\bin folder, but you can navigate to a different folder if you wish when the 'Save Scheduler Tasks File' dialog is displayed. Give a name to your scheduler task file. When you select the SAVE button, Collect! creates a special binary file with an *.sch extension that can only be read by Collect!.

Useful Note You can create different series of tasks to run. Save each list as a separate task file and load them whenever you need to run the tasks.

Save Scheduler Tasks File

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Select the LOAD button to choose a Scheduler Tasks file to load. The 'Load Scheduler Tasks File' dialog will appear enabling you to navigate to the folder where you saved your Scheduler Tasks file or files. The dialog will filter the list of files to those with an *.sch extension used by the Task Scheduler. When you select OPEN to load your file, all the tasks and settings in the file will be loaded into the Scheduler Tasks window.

Load Scheduler Tasks File

Useful Note You can load multiple files and append the tasks to those already in the list. Then you can save this as a new task list, if desired.

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