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Request License

The Request License message appears when your license has expired.

This can happen for a number of reasons:

1. You have 0 days remaining
Have you ignored the License Remaining box in the Welcome to Collect! screen? If so, your license may indeed have expired. When this displays "You have 0 days remaining in your license code," Collect! displays the Request License message.

2. Collect Companion Server Service Not Running.
The companion server contacts our license server periodically to ensure that your license is still valid. If the service is not running, then the license will invalidate.

3. Technical Issues.
If your system operated fine last night and is giving you the Request License message this morning, something has changed. Call your Technical Support to find out if Collect!'s folders were moved or hardware was changed.

4. Multiple Copies of Collect!
If you have multiple copies of Collect! installed, Collect! invalidates the license on the copies.

5. Evaluation Ended
If your 30 day demonstration, is over, your license has expired! Please contact Sales.

6. Past Due Payments
If your account has become in arrears, your license may have been disabled. Contact Administration for assistance..

Any data you may have entered will NOT be lost. When you license this product, you will be able to work with all data you may have entered during your evaluation period. We can provide Single and Multi-User licenses directly over the phone. To purchase an affordable license, simply select the REQUEST LICENSE button. This will take you to the Request License web page where you can enter your details and submit your request.

To call, fax or email, numbers are listed below. Visa and Mastercard accepted.

Email Sales .....

Voice ..... (250) 391-0466
Sales ..... (800) 661-6722
Fax ..... (250) 474-2622


We work very closely with our clients, providing the industry's best support. If you have any ideas or suggestions to improve this product or to make it suitable for your business, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your interest in Collect!

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