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Manage Upgrade Contacts

The Manage Upgrade Contacts utility will help you process any discrepancy contacts that were automatically created by an Upgrade. This utility may be accessed from the Tools menu, Utilities option.

Useful Note Major enhancements to Financials were introduced in version CV8/10.2.2. This affects interest-bearing accounts. As a result of the changes, you may find a few accounts with differences in Owing amounts after an upgrade, ONLY IF you are upgrading from versions PRIOR to CV8.2.2 or CV10.2.2.

When upgrading, Collect! recalculates each account. If there is any difference in the Owing with the new version, a discrepancy contact is created and assigned to the operator you are signed in as when the upgrade runs. A contact is created for each discrepancy. These contacts give details of the type of discrepancy that was found. This relates to accounts with Judgments and/or Interest. Please refer to Help topic, How to Upgrade Collect! for more details.

Useful Note After upgrading, you can load the WIP List for the operator ID you used when upgrading. You will see a list of any discrepancy contacts Collect! created during the upgrade procedure.

Discrepancy Contacts in WIP List

You can examine each account as needed. The discrepancy contact gives details about the difference and the reason.

Discrepancy Contact Details

Managing Discrepancies

Many times, the Owing difference between your old database and the new version will be trivial, but it may be considerable in some cases. You can use the Manage Upgrade Contacts utility to deal with these discrepancies.

1. Select Tools from the top menu bar and then select Utilities from the drop-down choices. Select Manage Upgrade Contacts from the list of utilities. Collect! searches contacts and tags all records to be processed.

2. After this process is completed, Collect! will show you a list of all discrepancies divided into Debtor and Agency columns with dollar amount increments.

Manage Upgrade Contacts Tally

These are tallied from the discrepancy contacts that were created during the upgrade. Although you could look at each one in the WIP List, this summary window makes it easier to see them all, at a glance.

3. Use this list to decide how you will manage these discrepancies. You can see which differences are currently in your favor and which are currently in the Debtor's favor.

4. Select YES to continue. You will now be asked to choose DEBTOR or AGENCY discrepancies to process.

Choose Debtor or Agency to Manage

Useful Note Discrepancies in favor of Debtor are handled separately from discrepancies in favor of Agency. You may need to run the Manage Upgrade Contacts utility at least twice to handle all your discrepancies.

5. Select DEBTOR or AGENCY to begin. Next, you will be asked to choose ADJUSTMENT or COMPLETED for processing the discrepancies.

Select Adjustment or Completed

Useful Note You can simply mark each Contact completed and leave the account financials as they are. Or, you can post an Adjustment so that the totals are the same as they were in your old database.

6. Select ADJUSTMENT to post an Adjustment to each account for the amount of the difference. This will make the Owing what it was in your old database.

7. Next, you are prompted to enter a dollar amount to use for managing your contacts.

Maximum Discrepancy Amount

This enables you to manage your discrepancies according to the amount of the discrepancy you are dealing with. Only amounts up to the maximum entered here will be adjusted or completed. So you can handle smaller differences differently from larger ones, for instance, by running the Manage Upgrade Contacts utility several times with different criteria entered.

8. You are given one more chance to proceed or back out of the process.

Prompt to Confirm Managing Contacts

Select YES to proceed.

Collect! proceeds to process accounts according to your instructions. This process may take a while depending on the number of discrepancies that were found. When the process is completed, Collect! displays a message indicating the number of contacts that were processed and marked done.

Finished Managing Upgrade Contacts

Useful Note Processed discrepancy contacts are marked done. You can reload your WIP List to view details for any remaining discrepancies.

9. At this point, you can select Tools, Utilities, Manage Upgrade Contacts again to see how many discrepancies remain.

Remaining Discrepancies

Notice in the screen shots that all of the discrepancies in the Debtor's favor have been adjusted. You can run the utility again, selecting AGENCY this time in Step 5.

Useful Note This process may be repeated as many times as you wish to manage the remaining discrepancies. (You would have to choose a larger maximum value in Step 7 to handle the higher end discrepancies.)

10. If there are still discrepancies that you have not managed, you may visit the accounts individually. Any contacts not marked done by the Manage Upgrade Contacts utility will still be in your WIP List.

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Completed Instead Of Adjustment

You can select COMPLETED in Step 6 to simply mark each contact as done without adjusting the account financials. This will result in an Owing that is different from what it was in your old database, so use this choice carefully! It is recommended that you post an adjustment.

When you select COMPLETED instead of ADJUSTMENT in Step 6, the process is basically the same. You choose a maximum dollar value to process in Step 7, as in the steps above. You are given one final chance to back out before proceeding.

Prompt to Confirm Completion of Contacts

When Manage Upgrade Contacts runs, it simply marks done any discrepancy contacts that fit your criteria, i.e. AGENCY or DEBTOR favor, and the maximum dollar amount. No adjustments are posted.

Finished Completing Upgrade Contacts

This message at the end of the procedure simply indicates completed contacts.

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The Manage Upgrade Contacts utility enables you to handle any financial discrepancies that may have occurred in the upgrade process due to financial changes in Collect!'s calculations.

You can manage some contacts in the debtor's favor and some in the agency's, depending on the dollar amounts of the discrepancies. You can use the summary discrepancy window to decide how to proceed. You can run the Manage Upgrade Contacts utility as many times as you need until all of your accounts have been reconciled to your satisfaction.

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