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How To Setup A Repeating Transaction

This document explains how to post a fee to an account on a repeating basis. This would be useful for example, if you need to charge a daily or monthly rental or storage fee.

Useful Note The example below covers a daily fee, but this can be setup using any of the recurring options available on the contact


There are a few pieces that need to be put in place for this to work.

Fee Transaction Type

To post a fee transaction automatically each day, it is necessary to have a transaction type created with the amount to post.

Fee Transaction Type

Notice that "Use Dollar Amounts" is selected and the amount is entered as a NEGATIVE value in the To Agency field. Also note the switched that are turned ON.

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Repeating Transaction Contact Plan

In order to repeat this transaction each day, we need to use the batch processing feature to process automatic contacts. So we need to post the transaction using a contact plan and set the Repeat to Daily.

To do this, create a new contact plan:

Post Transaction Contact Plan

This plan has one Transaction event with the following settings:

Transaction Plan Event

Notice that the Repeat is set to Daily and the Delay Days is set to 1. It is necessary to set a Delay Days value so that the Transaction will be picked up by the batch process and set in motion.

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Running The Plan

Try this out on one of your accounts.

Run the zz1 plan. It will schedule a Transaction contact for tomorrow. Tomorrow morning, run Tools, Batch Processing, Process Automatic Contacts, Post Transactions. This will post the Fee transaction and forward the contact to the next day. Each day, run the batch process to manage your accounts.

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Stopping The Repeat

When you no longer want the Transaction to repeat on a daily basis, simply open the contact and mark it 'Completed.'

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