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System Db Error -1061


Maximum number of databases are currently open. This error occurs on an attempt to open a database when the maximum allowed number of databases are currently open. The limit can be set using the MaxOpenDbs rdmserver.ini setting in the [Engine] section.

tip.gif Please refer to the Collect! Application Log for details. To access the log, select System from the top menu bar and then select Diagnostics, Application Log. Ensure that the choice, Database, is selected with a check mark.

tip.gif Each Colllect! database is actually comprised of five databases, i.e. collect, nxuser, rates, impex and report. So the MaxOpenDbs must be multiplied by 5 for each actual Collect! database in your system. For instance, if you have 7 Collect! databases, MaxOpenDbs must be at least 35 to allow all the databases to be in use at the same time.

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