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Select Report Library

Loading a report library allows the operator to use a separate report definition list rather than the default report library currently loaded into the database. This enables you to customize report definition lists so that operators see only the information they need to perform their tasks. Uncluttered lists load faster and are easier to maintain.

To load an alternate report library,

1. From the Print menu, choose Customize Printing, then choose Select Report Library.

2. A Browse dialog will appear to allow the operator to choose from the report library files that are available as registered devices. These are the default libraries shipped with Collect! and any others you have created using the New Report Library function.

3. Choose Open and the highlighted Library will be loaded.

While this Library is loaded, Collect! will not use the default report library until this operator logs out or Select Report Library is performed again.

The operator will have full use of this report library including updating its definitions. Changes made to the library are saved as the operator makes the changes. Collect! does not make a backup of this file upon loading it.

tip.gif After loading your report library, it is recommended that you rebuild Printable Information through the Print Menu, Settings option. Select Printable Information from the submenu and then select the REBUILD button at the bottom of the list to quickly refresh your printable information codes.

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