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Locate Debtor With Google Map

You can view a Google map when viewing the Debtor screen. The demonstration database ships with a special report that reads the Debtor's address and queries Google maps. The report is run from a contact plan.

The report is called "Google Map" and Starts On "Debtor." The contact plan is called "MAP" - " Print Map for Current Account."

This feature is included in Collect! Version 11.5 Build 1.1 and newer.

When you are on a Debtor, simply type the code "MAP" into the Action field to view the Debtor's location.

The Locate Debtor Add-On is also available for download from the Collect! Member Center. The report and contact plan may be used in any Collect! Version 11 or converted for use in Collect! Version 8.

Download Locate Debtor with Google Map

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