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Import Samples Descriptions

These sample import maps are provided in the DEMODB database. If you do not have these samples, please visit the Member Center where they are available for free download to supported members. If you are not currently a member but would like to be, contact Administration at 250-391-0466, option 3.

tip.gif In order to be able to use imports, your site needs to be licensed for the Import/Export module. Contact Administration at the number above for pricing.

The data files used for each import map are located in the Import subfolder of your Collect! application directory, called "import". The path to this folder will depend on how your network (or single PC server) is set up. Example: C\CV11\import.

Import Record Samples

Uses the debtor.csv file. Please refer to Debtor File Format for details.

Uses the client.csv file. Please refer to Client File Format for details.

Uses the transaction.csv file. Please refer to Transaction File Format for details.

Uses the attachment.csv file. Please refer to Attachment File Format for details.

Debtor Cosigner
Uses the cosigner.csv file. Please refer to Debtor Cosigner File Format for details.

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Technical Notes

By default, Collect! interprets the Name field as Last Name, First Name and the Contact field as First Name Last Name. When importing to either of these fields, Collect! will flip the name into the other field correctly. (i.e. if importing into the Name, Collect! will flip the name correctly into the Contact field.)

When setting interest on accounts, a principal transaction must be created in order for the interest to calculate correctly.

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Third Party Import Samples

Sample EDIs
Several import samples are included from common skip tracing and check processing providers.

TCN Imports
Several import samples are provided for use with TCN Service for processing call campaign.

Additional Import Samples are available at our Member Center.

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See Also

- Import/Export Topics

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