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Debtor Cosigner Basics

The most important use for the Debtor Cosigner form is to store personal information about individuals or parties related to this debtor that you need for reporting the account to a credit bureau when you wish to report cosigners. This is the proper way to accurately report these related individuals using Collect!'s Credit Bureau Reporting module.

Besides storing cosigner information, you can also use the Debtor Cosigner form to store information for any person or company whom you may wish to print letters for. This is a great way to store information about employer, patient, family member, or anyone that may require an address for printing. Store a date of birth, as well as other information.

You can have as many Cosigner/Other records as you would like attached to a Debtor record. With some planning, you can modify the pick lists on this form and set up reports and letters to scan through the cosigners looking for certain Cosigner/Other records as needed.

If you are going to use Collect!'s Credit Bureau Reporting module now, or you may use it in the future, then do not alter the pick list choice for Cosigner on the Class field. You can modify anything else, or add more choices to the pick list, but do not change the value or title for the pick list choice "Cosigner."

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Debtor Cosigner form

Accessing Debtor Cosigner

The Debtor Cosigner form can only be accessed while viewing the Debtor form. Provided you have access to this form, simply select the Cosigners tab while the Debtor form is displayed.

You will be shown a list of existing Cosigner/Other records currently attached to this account, or you will be prompted to create a new one.

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