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Wrapping Text In Reports

This document demonstrates a simple command that you may use to wrap text in reports. This may be combined with left and right margin commands to create professionally formatted reports and letters.


The @WRAP function wraps text automatically when a report is printed.


SYNTAX: @WRAP(value)

@WRAP(0) - Word wrapping off

@WRAP(1) - Word wrapping on

DC Printing Sample:

//Set Left and Right margins and wrap text blocks within them.

@no line feed
This is a very long line of text. It can also be several paragraphs. It does not matter how much text you use or how long the paragraph is. Within the line feed commands, the text will wrap.
@line feed

@no line feed
If you want to do several paragraphs within the WRAP command, just make sure you use the line feed commands to begin and end each paragraph.
@line feed


//End Sample

In the code above,

@LM(100) sets the left margin at one inch.

@RM(100) sets the right margin at one inch.

@WRAP(1) turns on word wrapping.

@no line feed turns off the carriage return at the end of each printed line and uses the @WRAP function and the margins to wrap the text.

@line feed ends the block of text.

@WRAP(0) turns off word wrapping.

This is a very simple but effective way to set margins and format text in your reports and letters.

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