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Debtor Status Samples

Sample Debtor Status codes shown on this page will give you an idea of some Debtor Status codes commonly used.

You may create or modify any debtor status code in the system. The code can be any number or character combination up to a maximum of 4 characters.

The Debtor Status code has many very special features and functions that can make Collect! work for you in nicely organized ways. Check out the samples on this page to familiarize yourself with possibilities that can help you use Debtor Status codes effectively.

Debtor Status
CCSCredit Counseling
DISDisputed Account
FEEClosing Fee
GARGarnishee Order
JDGJudgment Obtained
LCOConsolidation Order
LIEListed In Error
NEINot Enough Information
NEWNew Business
NSFNSF Cheque Received
OOBOut Of Business
PGDPromise Gone Delinquent
PIFPaid In Full
PPAPayment Plan Active
PPDPayment Plan Is Delinquent
PRPPromise Payment
PTSRequested Legal Points
SIFSettled In Full
TRHTracer Suggests Hold

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