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Web Host Work In Progress

The Work In Progress (WIP) list displays all the work one operator has to do. If another operator signs on to Collect!, this WIP List would display all of that operator's work.

The WIP List can show as many events as you need. There are many possibilities for filtering the list and setting it up to help you organize your work. It is very flexible yet thorough and is directly linked to your entire web of events, reviews, and follow-ups. Every event scheduled for every debtor is accessible from this list.

Work In Progress To Do List

Selecting a column heading in the WIP List enables you to sort and sub-sort events according to what you need. You can also select choices to filter the list by Operator, Date, Type, Status, or Priority.

Useful Note If a debtor does not have a pending event, they will not show up on any operator's WIP List. Accounts missing an In Progress Event are referred to as "orphaned" accounts.

Contacts Or Event

Collect! calls every interaction that you schedule with your debtors a " Contact" or "Event." It some other systems this is referred to as a "tickler."

Some types of events that can be scheduled include:

* Letter - Put a letter in the Daily Print queue to be printed and sent to a Debtor.

* Review -- Review a Debtor's account.

* Promise -- Set up promised payments from a Debtor.

* Phone -- Set up phone calls to contact a Debtor.

* Other -- Used for any purpose that you can think of.

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Events And The Work In Progress

Events are the backbone of the Work In Progress. From this To Do List, you work your accounts by working events. If you wish, you can build a sub- WIP List by filtering the complete WIP List to show only events meeting a certain set of criteria. Then you can choose other criteria, and work those events.

Each event has a date and time when it appears in your WIP List, a type which indicates what type of event you are dealing with, and a description of the event. As you "work debtors" in your WIP List by "working" events, you will schedule new events, and the event you are currently working will be marked as 'Done' to indicate that you have completed the task. A event that is 'Done' disappears from the Work In Progress To Do List.

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Loading Your WIP List

When you start your WIP List, all events that are assigned to your ID will appear in your WIP List, based on the settings used. A Debtor may have several events assigned.

For example, a phone call could be scheduled for a collector and then a few days later a review by a supervisor. The events will appear in the WIP List of the assigned person.

When you work an account, you run action plans to schedule events for your WIP List. When you use action plans, your To Do List is actively maintained so that new events are entered into the list and appear on the graph as they are scheduled, and completed events are removed.

By default, Collect! starts up by loading Promises, Reviews, Others and Phone calls scheduled for today and the past for your Operator ID from the database. You can change load settings by selecting the filters.

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List Of Events To Work

The part of the Work In Progress form that lists the events is called the To Do List. Click on this list to activate it. Each item in the list represents one event. You can select an item to view the complete details of the event and work the account.

Useful Note Click on any WIP field heading to resort your WIP list as per this column in ascending or descending order.

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Sub-WIP List

The upper filter list above the Work In Progress offers quick filters. Using these filters can build a variety of sub-WIPs for the collector to strategically work accounts in the order that is most meaningful to each individual site.

Using these filters in combination allows the collector to drill down even further when aiming to build a sub- WIP List.

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Choose the priority of the events to display. Choosing ALL ignores the event Priority and displays events regardless of Priority.

You can set a event's priority level when you schedule or edit a event, and for individual events within a action plan when you set up the plan.

Priority levels are as follows:

66 to 99 - High
34 to 65 - Medium
1 to 33 - Low

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Selecting An Event From The To Do List

Each line item in the To Do List represents and displays an individual event. When you select the contact the Debtor form will open for the Debtor who is the subject of the contact.

WIP Event Detail

The top section provides some limited information on the debtor to work the event from here. If you need more detail on the debtor, you can click the GO TO DEBTOR button at the bottom to open the debtor.

Once open, the event will be displayed as an orange bar above the tabs.

When you are finished with an event, mark the Current WIP Event as done, add a note line if you need to, and either run an action plan or schedule your next event.

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