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Web Host Upload Files

The upload file screen allows users to upload files without the data going into the database. It is not a replacement for the attachment window.

This feature is designed for users who want users to be able to receive files, but not load the data into the database.

Upload Files


When you select this, you can navigate to the file that you want to upload. Take note of the supported file types listed in the header section.

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Add more files. There is no limit, other than what you have set in the PHP configuration.

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Deletes the row.

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Save Information

Submits the form. Once done, you will see a status page listing the successful and failed files.

Useful Note This feature requires a 3rd party web server. We recommend using Wamp as it has Apache and PHP bundled together.

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Once you have configured Apache and PHP, you can take the Collect\masterdb\html\upload_file.php file and place it in your root web www directory. You will also need to create an upload folder. For security reasons, you should configure Apache or create a .htaccess file to restrict access to the upload directory.

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