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Web Host Commission Rate Plans

Commission Rate plans allow you to quickly specify a sliding scale for the Commission Rate charged Clients for funds collected from Debtors. You can choose a default within each Client record, which is used for new Debtors assigned to the Client, and you can change the Commission Rate plan for each Debtor.

Edit Commission Rate Plan

Useful Note You cannot choose a Commission Rate plan for a Debtor and also a fixed Commission Rate. Select one or the other.

Collect! supports several types of rate plans based on account age, listed amount, amount of an individual payment, and other criteria.

Each plan can have up to six commission rate levels. You can edit the existing rate plans and create new ones.

Useful Note In order for a Commission Rate plan to work properly, all FROM and TO fields must be filled, including a RATE. Break down your rates in whatever way is necessary to ensure that each one of these fields is filled. The MIN and MAX values are optional.


The unique three-character alpha-numeric ID for this plan. When you choose a Commission Rate plan, this ID is displayed in the Commission and Charges form that opens when you click into the Rate field on the Debtor form. Commissions for the Debtor will be calculated as they have been setup for this particular plan. Depending on the plan you choose, the applicable rate will display in the Rate field for this debtor.

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A brief description of the plan. This is displayed in the list of Commission Rate plans. Use a description that will allow the user to quickly identify the plan.

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This field displays the type of plan. This includes age, listed amount, paid to date, payment amount, payment days from listing, from delinquent and from charged, and remaining balance.

* AGE plans use the number of days between the listed date and the charged date to determine which commission rate should be used.

Useful Note For this type of plan, you must have a Charged Date entered. On new accounts, the Charged Date must be entered BEFORE you enter the Principal or Collect! will not be able to evaluate in a timely manner.

* LISTED AMOUNT plans use the Debtor's original principal and interest amounts to determine which commission rate to charge. To have Collect! use just original principal and ignore the interest, post a transaction to record the original interest.

* PAID TO DATE plans select from the rate table based on the amount paid to date. The value in the Paid field on the Debtor form determines the commission amount.

* PAYMENT AMOUNT plans look at each individual payment and use that amount to determine which commission rate to use.

* PAYMENT DAYS FROM plans compare today's date with the appropriate Debtor's date and select from the rate table based on the number of days.

* REMAINING BALANCE plans use the Debtor's amount owing to select from the rate table.

Useful Note The PAID and REMAINING BALANCE plans look at the total amount paid or balance to determine the commission rate.

Warning Note WARNING: Payments must be entered sequentially by date. The commission rate is set by the Debtor's totals at the instant a payment is made using these plans.

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Special Notes About The Plan's Fields

The FROM and TO fields are dollar amounts, like 100 or 100.01.

Make sure all values in your ranges are covered. For instance, if you enter 0 to 100.00 for your first range and 101.00 to 500.00 for your second, you are missing a dollar. Instead, enter 0 to 100.00 and 100.01 to 500.00.

The RATE field is a percentage.

The MIN and MAX fields are dollar amounts. These fields are optional.

You cannot enter text in the plan's FROM, TO, RANGE, MIN and MAX fields. They are for numbers only.

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This is the minimum value of the range. In the case of the date plans, this is the number of days. In all other cases, this is dollars.

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This is the maximum value of the range. In the case of the date plans, this is the number of days, otherwise this is dollars.

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This is the commission rate for accounts falling within this range.

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*** OPTIONAL ***

This is the minimum value in commissions for a range.

Commission is charged for each transaction in the range and the minimum value will be charged before the Client receives any payment.

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*** OPTIONAL ***

This is the maximum value in commissions for a range.

Commission is charged for each transaction in the range and the maximum value will not be exceeded for any value in the range.

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