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Select Accounts To Process

The options presented for selecting accounts depend on the type of batch process you are performing. You may select accounts based on criteria choices made in the "Use search criteria to filter" option which will lead you to the Edit Search Criteria pop-up that you are familiar with when Browsing a debtor list and clicking Find, OR, pre-tag a list of accounts which you wish to submit.

Select Accounts to Process

Tag Individual Records

Selecting this will cause the Tag Records button to become visible. When you click that button, your current list of Mode Active accounts will display. From here, you may select individual records to process by pressing your spacebar to tag individual records chosen.

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Tag Records

The Tag Records button is visible only when you select 'Tag Individual Records'. Select this to display the list of Mode Active accounts in your database. You can scroll up/down the list using the arrow keys or Page Up/Page Down keys for faster navigating. Press the spacebar to tag/untag individual accounts as desired.

Useful Note To view ALL accounts, not only those with ACTIVE mode, select the option "Use search criteria to filter." Or, you may select Edit from the top menu bar and then select Clear Search Criteria from the drop down choices. This will display all the accounts you currently have entered.

When you have tagged all the records you wish to include, press F8 to return to processing window. Click Next to continue. The next window displayed depends on the choices you made in the Batch Processing window.

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Use Search Criteria To Filter

Selecting this will cause the "Edit Criteria" button to the right to become visible. When you click Edit Criteria, you will receive the familiar Edit Search Criteria pop-up you ordinarily get after clicking Find on any Browse list. You will be able to choose your criteria to filter the accounts for your batch. With this option, you are not limited to accounts whose Mode is set to Active.

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Edit Criteria

Selecting this will display the Edit Search Criteria window where you can choose filter parameters to isolate the records you wish to process.

This option gives you the most power and flexibility.

Once you have entered your filtering criteria, click Search in the lower right corner of the window (or press F8 to quick key this process). Follow the prompts to tag your list, then click Next when prompted. The next window to open depends on the choices you made in the Batch Processing screen.

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Select this button for Help on the Select Accounts To Process pop-up and links to related topics.

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Select this to return to the previous screen. You can then alter your settings or choose to close the batch processing procedure without running a batch.

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Select this to advance to the next screen to proceed with the batch process.

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