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Printer Type

Collect! doesn't know what kind of printer this is. Please check the printer type. This is only important if you are printing using Printer Stream.

Choose either laser, bubble/ink jet or dot matrix to be able to correctly use the Collect! fast print driver.

The Collect! fast print driver provides fast printing on printers supporting the PCL5, PCL3 or the Epson or IBM command sets.

The benefit of this approach is that printing is fast! and you can print high volume batch output. The trade off is that printer controls need to be tuned to the specific printer being used. Since you only set up once you get maximum speed with very little overhead.

Printer Type


This is the complete path of your printer. If you are printing to a printer attached to your server, the path will show this.

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Bubble/Ink Jet

Select this if this printer is a bubble jet, deskjet or ink jet.

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Select this if this printer is a laser printer.

Dot Matrix

Select this if this printer is a dot matrix.

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Select this if this printer type is not known.

Useful Note Collect! may not be able to print correctly if you do not select the right type of printer.

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Select this to save the settings you have chosen and continue with the printing process.

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Select this to ignore any changes you may have made and return to the previous form.

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