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Orphaned Debtor Report

The Orphaned Debtor Report is actually a maintenance function to help you manage your accounts. This report examines your accounts and lists any neglected accounts that it finds with Active Mode and no current contact 'In Progress' and any accounts with no Mode selected. When the report is run, you can automatically schedule a contact for each of the accounts that the report lists.

When accounts are imported, users sometimes forget to set the Mode on the accounts as they are imported and this results in accounts with no Mode selected. Mode is used to determine many processes performed on accounts. Without a Mode selected, these accounts are "Orphaned."

Run the Orphaned Debtor Report to catch these anomalies. You can schedule a review contact for any debtors found so that you, or your operators, can examine these accounts. You may choose to schedule a review to one specific operator, or back to the operator owning the account.

Here are the steps to run the Orphaned Debtor Report:

1. Select Tools from the top menu bar and then select Utilities from the drop-down choices. Select Orphaned Account Search from the sub-menu that appears.

2. You will be prompted to print the Orphaned Debtor Report. Select your desired Report Output Options and select Print.

Useful Note The settings shown below will save the report to a file named orphans.txt in the letters folder and will also display the results to the screen.

Report Output Options

3. You will be prompted to schedule a review of debtors with no current pending contact 'In Progress'.

Schedule Review Prompt

If you select No, only the Orphaned Debtor Report will be printed and no review contacts will be created. You may manually visit the accounts listed in the report to examine them.

4. Select Yes to schedule a review contact for each neglected or orphaned debtor, and you will be prompted to make a choice to assign review operator.

Assign Review Operator

If you select No at this point, a review contact will be created for each debtor and will be assigned to the collector who is assigned to the debtor.

5. To assign all the review contacts to a particular operator, select Yes, and you will be prompted to choose the operator you would like to review the accounts.

Select Operator To Review The Files

Type in the Operator ID and choose OK. Be sure to type in a valid Operator ID. A typographical error, or no Operator ID, will make the contacts difficult to find.

6. A report will print out the File Number, Operator ID, and Debtor Name for each orphaned debtor.

Sample Report Output
(This may change slightly, depending on your version of Collect!)

Orphaned Debtor Report In Notepad

7. If you select Yes to schedule a review in Step 4, a review contact now exists for each debtor listed in the report. These contacts will show up the next time you load Work In Progress for the operator that you chose to send the review contacts to. The description for the neglected debtors' contacts is "Forgotten." The description for the reactivated debtors contacts is "Reactivated." Several of these contacts are displayed in the To Do List below.

To Do List With Contacts Assigned


Select this button for help about the printing output and other options you can set from this form.

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Select this button to cancel the printing process and return to the previous screen.

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Select this button to begin. If you have neglected or orphaned debtors in your system, you will be asked a few questions to set your options for reviewing the neglected accounts. If you have no neglected debtors, the report will indicate that it found "0 neglected and 0 orphaned debtors."

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If an incorrect, non-existent or blank Operator ID was assigned to contacts during the running of this report, you can still locate the contacts through the Edit Search Criteria form. To do this, select Browse from the top menu bar and then select Contacts from the drop-down choices. When the list of contacts is displayed, press the F6 function key on your keyboard. This will bring up the Edit Search Criteria form.

Click into the Due Date FROM field and press the F2 function key to display the Calendar. Choose today's date. Tab into the TO field and choose today's date again.

Double-click in the Done FROM field and select "No" from the pick list. Tab into the TO field and "No" will be displayed there as well.

Click into the Description FROM field and type in "Forgotten" (without the quotes). Tab into the TO field and "Forgotten" will be displayed there as well.

Press the Search button to find the contacts that you created when you ran the Orphaned Debtor Report.

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