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Find By ZIP

This Find By option searches for the Zip Code that matches the data you entered.

Find By Zip prompt

A list of matching records will be displayed.

Find By Zip Results

Selecting OK while leaving the prompt empty will cause Collect! to display ALL records.

This function searches all debtor records looking at the Debtor Zip field. Then, before leaving the debtor record Collect! will look at all debtor cosigner/other records, searching for a Zip field that matches the search criteria.

If Collect! finds any matches, it displays a list of the matching records.

For example to find all instances of 12378 type '12378'.

To search for a set of characters in the middle of a Zip, type *23 (or whatever you need). The asterisk [*] tells Collect! to search all Zip fields for a code containing the Find By Zip criteria.

Searching with [*] is a lot slower than just typing the first few characters of the desired Zip because the system has to read every single key and search it for matching characters.

When the list is displayed, you can immediately start typing the exact Zip you wish to find and Collect! will scroll through the displayed list to move you to the specific Zip you may be looking for.

Once the row with your Zip is highlighted, press ENTER or select the row with your mouse and Collect! will open the Debtor form. If the Zip you selected was in one of the cosigner/other records, the debtor to whom the cosigner/other record belongs will be displayed.

When you are ready, you can either back all the way out and return to what you were doing, or you can return to the list and select another row to work.

If you go too far, select Browse Find By Zip again and Collect! will retain what you previously searched for. This helps speed up your look ups.

Once you Cancel the list, or back out to another form, the matching Zip codes list will be released.

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