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Credit Card Payment Tasks

The Credit Card Payment Tasks menu is where you choose to set up individual or recurring credit card payments.

It is also possible to Reconcile an individual debtor with processed/approved credit card transactions that have been confirmed at Billing Tree if there is a need to bring an individual's history up-to-date separate from the daily batch reconciliation.

Before you use the options in this menu, ensure that you have set your preferences in the Credit Card Payments Setup screen and that you have enabled each client in their Advanced Settings window if there is to be any charging of credit card convenience fees in any region where it is permissible by law for you to do so AND you have designated on a per client basis whether this fee is permitted.

To access the Credit Card Payment Tasks menu, select the CREDIT CARD button in the lower right corner on the main Debtor screen.

Credit Card Payment Tasks

Run A Transaction

Select this option to post an individual credit card transaction. The Single Credit Card Transaction screen will be displayed. You can enter a new address, enter all the credit card information, elect to charge a convenience fee and save the information you have entered. The credit card transaction will be submitted immediately for processing by Billing Tree.

After you have successfully processed a single credit card payment, you can view the resulting transaction posted in your Transaction Tab.

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Recurring Payments

Choose this option to enter a recurring payment schedule, view an an existing schedule already set up or to delete an existing recurring schedule.

Recurring Credit Card Payments are not auto-posted into the debtor Transaction Tab like recurring ACH. The entire schedule is uploaded to Billing Tree and stored there. As payments become due, the "Reconcile Credit Card History" process will download processed credit cards and you will see them in your Transaction Tab the day after they became due to be processed.

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Reconcile Debtor

Click this button if you are attempting to Reconcile all payments available for download for a specific debtor ONLY. This process will update your file with any outstanding transactions which have not been applied in Collect!.

This process does not reconcile any other account besides the debtor file you are currently on. It is the batch Reconcile process which is used to download all debtor transactions to be applied as payments or chargebacks.

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Blank Form

Switch this ON with a check mark to NOT prefill any of the Debtor demographic information on the payment forms.

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Select the HELP button for Help on the Credit Card Payment Tasks menu and related topics.

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Select the OK button to close this menu.

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