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Client Status Report

This report lists summary information for each Client. It is a report which could be sent to a Client, showing all debtors for that Client and the status of each.


- The Debtor form needs to be properly filled out
- The Client form needs to be properly filled out
- This report must be run on clients
- You must be printing via Device Context

Client Information

Client name and address are listed along with each Debtor belonging to the Client. Totals listed include accounts placed, monies placed, fees and balances owed. Closed accounts are listed as well with total value amounts.

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Debtor Information

This report lists financial information for each Debtor belonging to the Client. This information includes Listed Date, Original balance, Fees, Interest and Adjustments, Amount paid and Balance.

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Printing The Report

Here are the steps to take to print a Client Status Report on a single Client.

1. Select Browse from the top Menu Bar and a drop-down menu displays.

2. Select Clients and a list of all your Clients displays.

3. Select the Client you want to print this report for and the Client record will display.

4. Select the Print button on the Client record and a Print Report dialog with a list of reports and letters will display.

5. Use the up and down arrows on your keyboard to navigate through this list to find the Client Status report which will be highlighted.

Useful Note You will notice other samples of Client Status Reports which you can use as well. You may want to print each one separately to see which is suitable for you.

6. Press the Select button and a Client Status Report print dialog will display. You can choose to send this report to your printer, or send it to the screen to take a quick look without printing it.

7. Now select Print.

8. Examine the output of the report to see if it meets your needs.

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