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Client Acknowledgments

Client Acknowledgments will print a letter of acknowledgment to each Client who has new Debtors listed for a chosen day or date range.

The Client Acknowledgment letter thanks your Client and lists new accounts and dollar amounts for the debtor's Owing.

Accounts listed in the letter will be sorted by Debtor Name or Client Account Number, depending on how you have chosen to sort your debtors.

Useful Note You can sort debtors through the Daily Administration, New Business menu.

Client Acknowledgments may be printed several ways:

  • Print menu, Daily Reports, Client Acknowledgments
  • Main Menu, Daily Administration, New Business, Client Acknowledgments
  • For a particular client, from the Client screen, PRINT button, select Client Acknowledgment from the list of reports.

Print Acknowledgments For A Date Range

1. Select Print from the top menu bar and then select Daily Reports from the drop-down choices. This will display another sub-menu.

2. Select Client Acknowledgments to display the Client Acknowledgments printing options.

3. Enter a FROM (start) and a TO (end) date for the report.

4. Enter a Client range or leave blank to print acknowledgments for each of your clients.

5. Select the OK button to display the Print Report form where you can select your printing output options.

6. Select the PRINT button to print the report. Collect! will display a completion message letting you know how many acknowledgment letters were printed.

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Select this button to save your settings and proceed to the printing options.

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Select this button to cancel the printing process and return to the previous screen.

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Select this button for help on Client Acknowledgments and links to related topics.

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