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System Db Error -900


Available disk space below min threshold.

Collect! has called a function that cannot respond. Available disk space on your computer's hard drive has fallen below the minimum threshold set by Collect!.

Available disk space is set in Collect!'s rdmserver.ini. By default, it expects to find 15 Gb free space on your drive, but perhaps you do not need this much free space. You can change the setting MinFreeDiskSpace to a lower value. To find this setting, navigate to your cv11\catalog folder and open the file named "rdmserver.ini" in Notepad. (If you have file extensions hidden, the name of the file may be simply "rdmserver".)

Look for the setting:

MinFreeDiskSpace=15000000000 FreeSpaceCheckDelay=1200

This is the section that may be edited, specifically the MinFreeDiskSpace=15000000000 line. 15000000000 means 15 Gb. Simply leave all the zeroes, but make the 15 a smaller number like 5 and it would be 5 Gb.

tip.gif Although lowering the value will enable you to continue operating Collect!, it is not recommended that you run CV11 Server on a computer with very little free space. It may soon cause problems.

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