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Introduction To Version History

The purpose of this section is to let the user see, at a glance, new features and optimizations in each new version of Collect! Perhaps you are running an older version of CV11. Maybe you would like to know whether there is something in the newest release, or other recent releases, that would particularly benefit you and your company.

Whenever you download a release, the New Features page is displayed for you when your installation is finished. This is an excellent overview of the new features that pertain particularly to the version you just installed. But perhaps you have "missed" a few builds in between. That means there are actually even more new features for you to explore in your new installation. Please review the list of builds in Version History. Select a build to view the New Features page detailing the new features and optimizations in that particular build. This way you can view all new features incorporated into Collect! since your previous version was distributed.

tip.gif Only builds released to general users of Collect! will have a New Features page. Interim builds are generally beta versions released to select clients to test features they requested, or to beta test for us. Each New Features page for a released build will also detail any new features and optimizations in the interim builds.

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