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Entering License

When you have purchased Collect! or have added new features or additional users to your system, Comtech Systems will send you a new License Code by email, fax or phone. This new License Code must be entered to activate your new registration or to activate the changes that you have added.

tip.gif This information is addressed to Owners or System Administrators. Other users should not have access to license-entering procedures.

Preparing To Enter Your License

Your License Code must be entered from your Server station. This is the computer on which your Collect! system is actually installed on. In a networked environment, this means you should not attempt a licensing from a workstation. The code picks up your machine ID and this must remain consistent or else the license will be rejected.

Your License Code must be entered on the same date that the License Code was issued to you. This is the date recorded in the fax, email or phone call that you received.

Your License Code must be entered in your active working database. To be sure that you are entering your license in the correct location, please sign into Collect! at the Server, using the Desktop icon that was installed when you installed Collect!

To make sure you are signed in to the correct location, using the menu bar at the top of Collect! select Help to display the dropdown menu. Select About from this menu. Confirm that the db path: displayed at the bottom of this screen is the location of your active working database.

About Collect!


You can enter a license.

You cannot enter a license here. This is the Client install.

You cannot enter a license here. You are on a Workstation.

X:\bin\CV11.exe (X: is a mapped drive)
You cannot enter a license here. You are on a Workstation.

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Accessing License Information

The License Code is entered from the License Information screen.

Start Collect! and stop at the Welcome To Collect! screen. Select the button labeled License to open the License Information window. If Collect! opened bypassing the Welcome To Collect! screen, please refer to Help topic, Troubleshooting License.

License Button

You will be at the License Information screen as displayed below.

License Information Screen

The License Information screen displays the details of your software registration. You will return to this information later on to check its accuracy.

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Entering License

Step 1 is optional, but recommended.

1. Get all users out of Collect! and go to the computer with Collect! installed on it (your server). Shut down the Collect! Server (Black DOS Window / RDS Server). Start the CV11 Server back up again, and open Collect!, stopping at the Welcome to Collect! screen.

2. Select the button labeled Enter License. This will display a large box where you will enter your new License Code. The box also displays the system date.

Enter License Code prompt

tip.gif Before entering the License Code, make sure your computer System Date is the same date as the date the License Code is issued for. The date of the email, fax or phone call that contained your License Code must match the date that displays in the prompt. Please see the example above.

3. Carefully enter your EXACT License Code. The easiest way to ensure accurate transport of these codes which can be quite long, is to copy/paste using Ctrl+C to copy and Ctrl+V to paste. Please watch for the placement of numbers and characters in the License Code. Notice that zeros and O's look very similar. Also, I's are similar to 1's.

4. After checking your completed entry carefully, select OK.

tip.gif After you select OK, you may possibly be notified if there were any errors entering your license. Please refer to Troubleshooting License to find out how to correct the issue. If your code has been accepted, you will proceed to the next step.

5. Company Name
If your License Code has been accepted, you will be presented with a box in which to enter your Company Name. This is required to proceed. The information you enter will be displayed in the License Information screen. Select OK when you are finished.

Enter Company Name prompt

6. Your Name. Next, you will be presented with a box where you will enter your Name. This is required to proceed. It is usually the company owner or contact person. The information you enter will be displayed in the License Information screen. Select OK when you are finished.

Enter Your Name prompt

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Verification Code

When we issue your annual license, you will also require a verification code to complete the licensing process. After you enter your license code successfully, you will be shown a message with your machine ID number. This is a network card or an OEM number. Please phone or email this machine ID number to Comtech Systems and we will give you a verification code to complete entering your license. Enter the verification code exactly and select OK to complete the licensing process. If you enter the verification code incorrectly, select OK and you will be prompted to enter it again.

tip.gif For security purposes, we may also require a verification code in other circumstances, such as unusually frequent requests for a license.

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License Recorded

If you skipped step 1, or entered the license with users in the system, Collect! will prompt you to restart your server. This is in reference to the CV11 RDS Server. You can select 'no' and do the restart after everyone is off of the system.

At this point, Collect! has all this information needed and you will see the License Recorded message.

License Recorded

Select OK to return to the License Information screen.

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Verify License Information

Check that the information entered in the License Information window is accurate. Check that you are licensed for the correct number of users.

License Information form

Review Options.
At this point, it is recommended that you review the options that you are licensed for. To do this, when you are in the License Information screen, select the button labeled Review Options. The Collect! Features window will appear. Please make sure that the options you have purchased are checked.

Collect! Features form

*** IMPORTANT *** If you disagree with any of the information that is registered for you, please call Comtech Systems Inc. without delay at 250-391-0466.

Select OK to close the Collect! Features screen. Select OK to close the License Information screen. You can now sign into Collect! to take advantage of any new features or Users you may have requested.

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If you encountered any difficulties entering your license, please refer to Troubleshooting License.

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